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Over 20 ciders and perries from around the UK.

We hope you enjoy the festival and the range of ciders and perries available.



Old Rats Tale 7.5%

Dry Upper Hall

Old Rats Tale Herefordshire cider is made in a traditional farmhouse way from a blend of old varieties of cider apples. Their juice is left to ferment and mature in oak barrels, which has been the way of real cider making for centuries. This produces a very dry, still cider. Old Rats Tale takes its name from the old story that farmers used to add rats to the fermenting juice to give it extra flavour and body! Don't worry… this cider doesn’t contain any (allegedly!).

Silly Ewe 4.5%

Dry Upper Hall

It's no secret sheep are not known for their intelligence. This dry, crisp cider mixes well with all farm meats, especially lamb. Taste the sense in this down to earth cider.

Game Cock 4.5%

Sweet Upper Hall

The Game Cock cider, like the bird is hardy and dauntless in character and won't take long to ruffle your feathers. Your only instinct is to try the plucky sweet cider, that mates well with the game of the land.

Gwynt Y Ddraig


Black Dragon 7.0%

Medium Upper Hall

This special reserve Welsh cider has been hand crafted exclusively from cider apples grown by traditional methods in ageing orchards. The juice pressed from these apples is fermented and matured in oak barrels to produce a cider rich in colour, body and flavour with a fresh fruity aroma.

Happy Daze 4.5%

Medium Upper Hall

This Welsh cider has a fruity apply aroma and a well balanced finish. A light and very easy to drink medium clear cider.

Dog Dancer 6.5%

Medium Dry Upper Hall

Produced from bitter sweet cider apples blended with a true sharp cider apple. This is a light straw coloured Welsh cider with a medium dry, smooth and crisp, slightly sharp characteristic.

Pyder 6.0%

Medium Upper Hall

An out of the ordinary blend of apple and pear juice fermented and matured in wood.

Two Trees Perry 4.5%

Medium Upper Hall

This oak aged, Welsh perry is quite clear, has a caramel nose and a dry finish. It is a very lively. popular perry and easy to drink.

Fiery Fox 6.5%

Medium Upper Hall

A golden medium Welsh cider with a refreshing apple aroma. This cider has a smooth balanced flavour that has a fresh crisp sharpness.



Blakeney Red Perry 6.0%

Medium Sweet Upper Hall

Established in 1896 Hecks are very much a family firm, making over 20 differing ciders and perrys. They are expert in the production of single varieties with some bold and distinguished flavours. The Blakeney Red pear takes its name from the parish of Blakeney on the outskirts of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, where it still grows today. The trees grow tall, and fruit late in October, November. Years ago it was known for its quality as a desert pear. The juice produces a medium sweet, full bodied perry.



Pigswill 7.5%

Medium Dry Upper Hall

A medium dry blended perry and cider packed full of crisp refreshing flavour.

Crazy Goat 6.8%

Medium Sweet Upper Hall

A medium sweet cider expertly blended giving it a mouth-watering juicy flavour.

Bee Sting Cider 7.5%

Sweet Upper Hall

Sweet but incredibly refreshing with a glorious fresh tasting pear flavour and a wonderful pear aroma.

Sunset 6.0%

Upper Hall

A rich and fruity rustic cider bursting with apple flavour.



Black Rat Perry 7.5%

Medium Sweet Upper Hall

Very drinkable, with a true pear aroma thatstarts with a medium sweet taste and isfollowed by a dry finish.


West Yorkshire

Medium Dry 6.5%

Medium Dry Upper Hall

Another PureNorth special, this is a Fusion of his dry and medium ciders making a distinctive refreshing cider which shows its northern roots. A clean crisp taste with deep apple flavour.

Sweet Union 5.5%

Medium Sweet Upper Hall

A medium sweet Cider made from bitter sweet apples and sweetened with fresh pressed apple juice made from Katy apples. A delicious drink with a full apple flavour.



LegBender Medium 6.0%

Medium Upper Hall

Richs Legbender Ciders are traditionally produced with a blend of cider apples grown in Somerset. It is a full flavoured crisp, clear still cider, making it easy to drink, But beware can make you go weak at the knees!

Thistly Cross

East Lothian

Original Cider 7.5%

Medium Dry Upper Hall

Thistly Cross Farmhouse Cider is smooth, refreshing and Thistly Cross’ first born. It’s a classic, farmhouse cider made with a blend of Scottish apples.

Traditional Cider 4.4%

Medium Upper Hall

Our best-selling cider, Thistly Cross Traditionalboasts the same great flavour as our OriginalCider but at a slightly lower ABV, making it theperfect session cider; quenching your thirstat the start of the evening before seeing youthrough to the end of the night.



Janet Jungle Juice 6.5%

Medium Dry Upper Hall

Produced by cider maker John Harris in Somerset, Janet's Jungle Juice is a firm favourite with customers. When you try it you will see why it was the CAMRA national award winner in 2008. This medium dry cider is well rounded and fruity with a deep texture and flavour. It is a fantastic starting point for inexperienced cider drinkers as it is so very easy drinking.

Woodthorpe Hall


Rubie Suzy 8.4%

Medium Sweet Upper Hall

This is our ‘local cider producer’ made at Woodthorpe Hall in North Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District. Every year in the beginning of October the local community along with Sheffield Camra comes together to help make the cider on the 19th century ciderpress.

Old Barker 10.8%

Dry Upper Hall

This is also made at Woodthorpe Hall. Caution: very strong.


  1. Just like to point out that the Sams Cider name is the type not the brand, it actually made by Winkleigh Cider.

    Also Black Dragon is Medium Dry not Dry

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